CRC Smoke Test - Smoke Detector Tester

Posted: May 09, 2020
CRC Smoke Test - Smoke Detector Tester
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I have a can of CRC Smoke Test in my shopping cart right now because 2 days ago I got some interesting news. Did you know the most godforsaken thing a smoke detector does - beep at 15-second intervals when its batteries are low, invariably between the hours of 2 and 4 a.m. - doesn't necessarily indicate whether or not it's detecting smoke properly and alerting you to a potential fire? I mean, obviously if the smoke detector's batteries are dead it's not working, but even if the batteries are brand new, and it passes your push-the-button battery test, the unit's vents could be obstructed or clogged with debris. Meaning it will only go off when you push the button, not when you're about to be burned alive.

Smoke detector battery tests are just half the equation when it comes to their maintenance, and home fire safety protections.

The other half is introducing the smoke detector to some smoke to see if it's kept its sniffing skills sharp, or gotten a little congested over time. One way to do this is to invite my friend Cornelius to your house and ask him to cook anything involving heat. Anything at all. Eggs. Grilled cheese. Bagel in the toaster. Microwave popcorn is his burn-it-black specialty.

Another, less smelly and cancerous way, is to get a can of CRC Smoke Test and spray it under your smoke detector. CRC Smoke Test is a detector for your detector. Using it will let you know if the unit's batteries are working and, more importantly, whether or not the hardware is functioning properly, and clear of clogs.

CRC Smoke Test is an aerosol spray can filled with clear liquid that magically transforms into a gaseous state when you activate it. According to CRC, the solution contains no class I or class II ozone-depleting chemicals, and leaves behind no harmful residue or stains. CRC Smoke Test is safe for use on photoelectric and ionization type smoke detectors.

It may not be the sexiest, but a can of CRC Smoke Test wouldn't make a bad housewarming gift.

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