CliniCloud Medical Kit

Posted: April 05, 2017
CliniCloud Medical Kit
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CliniCloud set out to create a home medical kit for those with decidedly non-medical backgrounds. Its small zip-up pouch contains a non-contact thermometer and a digital stethoscope, both of which connect to an iOS or Android app (obviously, because what doesn't anymore?) to show readings and track health data over time. Parents, CliniCloud has your names written all over it. Just look at who stars in their images of the tools in use.

CliniCloud says hovering its thermometer around 2" away from the skin will produce a temperature reading within + / - 0.4 degrees F in about 2 seconds. Quick and touch-free, the oblong reader should make it easier to check on a fever without disturbing sleeping kids, plus give you a better shot at accuracy when they're awake and won't stay still.

For those concerned about a cough, wheeze, or heart beat, placing the CliniCloud stethoscope on the chest and back will record high fidelity audio and send it to the app already packaged for forwarding to your doc via email or text. The app also includes step-by-step instructions for using the tool.

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