Alpaca Grinder

Posted: March 08, 2016
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I don't know what an alpaca has to do with herb grinding, but I do know that after reading about this Alpaca Grinder before I went to bed last night I had a dream that I shared a sausage and green pepper pizza with an alpaca. Which is weird because I do not like green peppers.

Another weird thing is that the makers of the Alpaca Grinder state on their website that "herb grinders are manufactured and sold with the express intent to be used as culinary hand tools with spices, cooking herbs, ginger, garlic, and other like food items, as well as legal herbs and roots." And here I always thought they were for grinding fat buds of weed.

Regardless of what solid, organic, flavor-enhancing matter you're looking to grind, the Alpaca Grinder claims to be the best beast for the task. It shreds herbs in seconds and has a patented dispensing design that releases them instantly, and exactly where you want. In addition to reducing grinding time, the Alpaca says it will also reduce the amount of herb you use, and the mess grinding generates.

The Alpaca Grinder is made in the US, predominantly from aircraft-grade aluminum. It has a stick-proof internal coating to prevent particle buildup and ultra-sharp, ultra-smooth grinding teeth. Alpaca notes that while other grinders remove pollen from herbs, theirs is able to retain and dispense the matter evenly. A top cap also seals in odors when the grinder is not in use.

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