Alaska Bear Silk Pillowcases

Posted: February 07, 2018
Alaska Bear Silk Pillowcases
$22.99 - $44.99
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Cue the Alaska Bear-y White because these silk pillowcases have romance written all over their 600 thread count. Bonus: The 100% mulberry silk covers are just as hypoallergenic and breathable for sleepy time as they are sensuously smooth for sexy time.

According to Alaska Bear, silk pillowcases are dermatologist-recommended since they're a natural, organic fiber, and girlfriend-recommended as a gift for Valentine's Day since they're low friction and make her want to go full-on kama sutra all night long.

Nah, just kidding. Girlfriends like silk pillowcases because they help prevent wrinkles, dry skin, and frizzy hair.

Alaska Bear silk pillowcases come in a bunch of different colors, plus standard, queen, king, and, for the singles, full body pillow sizes.

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