3D Fruit & Vegetable Comforters

Posted: April 08, 2019
3D Fruit & Vegetable Comforters
$30 - $54
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Banana comforter, lettuce quilt, potato blanket, cool. I'm down with the optical illusions imparted by most of this 3D fruit and vegetable bedding. But, uh, I think I'll pass on the papaya. Give that one to a horny teenager to keep his libido in check. Or as a gift to a frenemy, to maybe kill theirs altogether.

The 3D fruits and veg come in sizes Kids, Single, Couples, and King. For better and worse, they are all cut in the shapes of their respective produce. For better because it makes the comforters look even more realistic, like, for example, a giant leaf of cabbage here to hug its human Patch Kid. And for worse because how the fruits and vegetables am I supposed to snuggle under a bunch of bananas when it's sized all lopsided and primed to fall off the side of my bed? Or a russet potato that's so narrow at the top I'd have to lie like a stalk of celery to keep my arms covered?

I think maybe these designs aren't as suitable as bed covers as they are blankets for those looking to (fruit and) veg out on the couch.

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