Sunset Projection Lamp

Posted: July 21, 2021
Sunset Projection Lamp
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How do you like your sunsets? Orange? Red? Up against the wall of your bedroom? Beaming their fiery rays across your two cats sitting at the piano alongside a portrait you're painting of your dog? Check, check, check, and check, this Sunset Projection Lamp can fulfill your sunset desires every night of the week.

The projection lamp burns a soft, mood-making light in your choice of either a traditional orange-yellow sunset, or a breathtaking, albeit often indicative of excess air pollution, red one. It is sized for a desk, table, or nightstand, and has a USB power cable. The head of the lamp rotates 180 degrees forward and backward so you project your manufactured sunset exactly where you want it.

Like the idea of sunsets (and sunrises) at your disposal, but want something a little more natural? Check out the Sunne Solar Light.

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