Sunne Solar Light

Posted: March 11, 2021
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The Sunne Solar Light promises to bring the sun indoors - after it's retired for the night. The oblong panel hangs in a window of your home, harvesting energy from the sun, and storing it in its integrated battery during the day. Then when the sun sets, you'll have a full evening of solar-powered ambient light to cut through the dark.

Sunne captures, stores, and produces light all by itself, powering up during the day, and gently growing brighter as sunset nears, and then disappears. You can set Sunne's lighting output, via an app, to Sunne Rise, Sunne Light, and Sunne Set, each mimicking the time of day their names indicate. The Sunne Rise simulation gives off shades of purple and yellow, Sunne Light a warmth appropriate for readin' or chillin', and Sunne Set fiery reds and yellows.

The Sunne Solar Light was created by award-winning solar designer Marjan van Aubel in an effort to fuse sustainable living with technology with aesthetic beauty. It is made of a single curved strip of aluminum, shaped like the horizon, and measures 33.5" long. It requires 2 steel wires and a simple hanging system to mount, but has no ugly cord, and needs no nearby outlet to function.

Sunne harvests the sun's rays through SunPower Solar Cells on its exterior-facing side, which it then directs to its li-ion battery. A full Sunne battery stores 14 hours' worth of sunlight.

Those who want to get some Sunne can pledge for a Sunne Solar Light on Kickstarter through April 2, 2021.

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