Ohmie Lamp - Lamp Made from Orange Peels

Posted: July 16, 2021
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I put my orange peels in the compost bin, Ohmie puts theirs in a desk lamp. To-may-to, to-mah-to, we both support sustainable living. Ohmie's method is just a lot more innovative and artistic than mine.

The Ohmie Lamp is the world's first lamp made from orange peels. Italian design firm Krill Design developed both the idea and the method as a "smarter way to manage waste from the food chain." The Ohmie composition is a mix of orange peels and a biopolymeric base that has been 3D printed into the 9", 5.3-ounce table lamp you see here.

And, yes, in addition to its source's trademark orange color, the Ohmie Lamp retains the orange's dimpled skin texture and its sweet citrus smell. The Ohmie also remains fully compostable.

Krill Design is running the Ohmie Lamp as a crowdfunding campaign here on Kickstarter through August 5, 2021. I recommend pairing yours with a nightstand, breakfast in bed, and a Bottomless Mimosa Glass.

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