Luminook Automatic LED Strip Lighting

Posted: January 20, 2020
Luminook Automatic LED Strip Lighting
$59 - $109
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Luminook fits in the nooks of your nooks to light them up when you look. The automatic LED strip lighting endeavors to "reimagine lighting for small spaces, with a focus on user experience and beautiful design."

The Luminoook system consists of a control module with built-in Beyond Motion Detection sensor, a flexible, flat LED light strip, and, if you have a 2-door closet or pantry space, a secondary sensor. Each Luminook strip is either 10' or 20' long, and can attach to any type of door, including traditional, bifold, sliding, and French, as well as frame openings with no door. The automatic on / off feature is controlled by a rechargeable battery, with upgrade options for a socket adapter kit or a high-capacity battery.

In addition to nearly-invisible and widespread coverage, Luminook strip lighting pairs with an app to provide more control over the type of light the LEDs emit: from the app you can adjust color temperature from warm yellow to cool white, as well as color brightness. There is also the option to let Luminook adjust itself automatically based on time, sun position, or ambient light conditions.

Luminook seeks crowdfunding on Kickstarter through February 15, 2020.

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