Want vs. Need Glass

Posted: April 19, 2012
Want vs. Need Glass

Ain't nothing like a dose of psychosocial commentary with the morning OJ. According to this dogmatic little glass, I can't always get what I want (obviously, or else the Stones would have stopped touring 20 years ago) but if I try sometimes...or use my meat hook of a thumb to plug the unchecked abyss into which all of my dreams and desires seem to vaporize every time I can nearly taste their sweet nectar...I just might find, I get what I need.

In esoteric-pint-glass form, Alesina Design captures the profundity of want vs. need. A hole in the upper quarter of the glass--a real hole, through which actual liquid will stream out and onto nearby crotches--separates human needs from human wants, and forces drinkers to be purposeful and dramatically self-aware in their quest for refreshment.

Apparently, the glass is also some sort of home goods-themed metaphor for recycling and global waste reduction, but it's 11:53 PST, and I'm about tapped out of the brain cells required to field any more philosophical malarkey. If there's a psych major or practicing hippie out there who wants to elucidate, please refer to the Comments section below.

(The Usurper) Want vs. (the Incumbent) Need Glasses are each hand finished, numbered, and signed. Alesina Design would also like to point out that if the glass' hole is not covered properly, spillage may occur, and the company is not responsible for ruined clothing resulting from the misuse of their products.

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