Uranium Glass Juicer

Posted: September 27, 2021
Uranium Glass Juicer
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Wait, wait, let me just juice a squeeze of lemon...with a uranium twist for that cocktail. No? What, you prefer lime?

Uranium Glass Juicers aren't gimmicky new products, or, spooky as they may be, special releases for spooky season. They're actually Depression-era pieces of kitchenware that have had uranium oxide added - deliberately - to their glass mix pre-melting. The concentration of the chemical element, which ranges anywhere from 2% to 25% by weight, creates the, uh, lovely? green coloration and black light glow you see in the juicer here.

Presumably the juicer, and other uranium-infused glass objects, are food-safe...and generally coming-into-contact-with-humans-safe, but who knows? This stuff was made in the 40s or earlier, back when no one really cared if stuff killed you, as long as it: looked good; tasted good; and / or made your job easier.

But in all fairness, plain ol' uranium isn't the enriched nuclear weapon and reactor kind, and according to Wikipedia, uranium glass objects are probably only "negligibly radioactive," and therefore harmless. So if you dig the Slimer-approved Uranium Glass Juicer, feel free to Uranium Glass Juice away.

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