Stirio - Automatic Pot Stirrer

Posted: November 29, 2013
Stirio - Automatic Pot Stirrer
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Life hacking innovator Unikia adds the Stirio to its online showroom of tools that will expedite and elevate the filling of my belly. We previously saw the Compleat FoodSkin flexible lunchbox, a simple trick for keeping mile-high foot-longs intact during transport. Now with the Stirio we have a righthand man in the kitchen that will, well, return to us the use of our right hands.

The automatic pot stirrer can churn an entire family-sized vat of stew, oats, risotto, or specialty concoctions of chocolate, marshmallow, and Sriracha for up to 45 minutes straight. Unassisted, unattended, and uncomplaining. Just like children in the 19th century, before they all became belligerent, self-entitled little narcissists! Stirio has adjustable axle arms and two stirring speeds, so it will accommodate a wide range of pot sizes and types of dishes requiring lengthy periods of agitation. All of its parts, less the motor, are dishwasher safe.

Stirio runs on rechargeable batteries, and includes its own charging station. While it is up for even the toughest of stirring tasks, it would really appreciate not being charged with stirring clam chowder, because clam chowder makes it want to vomit.

If you want an electronic gadget to do your wrist's grunt work for a fraction of the cost of the Stirio, you might check out the Robo Stir.

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