SOUP3RB Cook + Blend Blender

Posted: July 29, 2016
SOUP3RB Cook + Blend Blender
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It looks like someone stuck the SOUP3RB's name in a blender. I'll leave it up to you to decide whether the word that came out of 3 Square's Cook + Blend machine is hot or cold.

As you'd expect, the 7-cup blender can puree and pulverize with the best of them. Use it for smoothies, dressings and sauces, and summertime's favorite companion, frozen cocktails. Or use the SOUP3RB to make soup. Like, really make soup. With an 800-watt heating element in its base, this blender is also a sautee-er, simmerer, boiler, and warmer. It can sizzle your onions and garlic, liquefy your tomatoes, and then stir in the cream before gently heating your soup up to perfect slurping temp.

In addition to soup, 3 Squares says the SOUP3RB can make meat sauce for pasta, baby food, organic homemade soy milk, guacamole, and sriracha. The blender has programmable cook functions for various types of heating, as well as an Auto Soup setting that will take contents to a boil, and then automatically reduce them to a simmer. The Auto Blend feature has 4 pre-programmed speeds to chop, blend, puree, or liquefy, as well as a special intelligent blending option for smoothies.

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