Skully Basting Brush

Posted: March 13, 2023
Skully Basting Brush
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Even though OTOTO didn't do a very good job of matching her likeness in the Skully Basting Brush, I still hope something like a Mulder Masher or Mulder Muddler will follow suit. You know, so the two can team up to investigate all my kitchen mysteries. Prove that the truth is out there.

Yes, yes. The Skully Basting Brush is a play on the word "skull," not Gillian Anderson's X-Files character. But speaking of X - does any Gen X-er out there not think of one of the greatest sci-fi shows of the 90s, perhaps all time, when hearing the word "Skully"?

In any case, here Skully represents another whimsical OTOTO design, this one transforming a skull...uh, wearing a top hat...into a kitchen basting brush whose silicone bristles sub in for his mouth and mandible.

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