Sip-A-Bowl - Cereal Bowl with Built-in Straw

Posted: May 16, 2019
Sip-A-Bowl - Cereal Bowl with Built-in Straw
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Sip-A-Bowl, I slurp what you're pouring here. You've got my favorite take on the reusable straw yet. The cereal bowl with a built-in straw is made for drinking down the last drop of my Froot-Loops-infused-milk, with the bonus of facilitating obnoxious sucking sounds at the end that will irritate my wife. The only thing more fun to do at breakfast is call in sick to work.

Sip-A-Bowls also lend themselves well to soups, ice cream, and whatever weird matcha acai avocado monkfish liver smoothie bowls the kids are eating these days. The cereal bowls and their built-in-straws are made of food safe Polypropylene and hold 22 ounces of eat-then-drinkable chow.

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