Science Lab Oil & Vinegar Bottles

Posted: October 18, 2016
Science Lab Oil & Vinegar Bottles
$11.99 - $19.99
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Most foodies are savvy enough to know how to achieve the perfect balance of oil and vinegar in their salad dressings, space-conscious enough to be perpetually on the lookout for ways to consolidate containers on their countertops, and geeky enough to get their rocks off on a nested oil & vinegar bottle that looks like something straight out of the science lab. Or the vineyard if you prefer the bottle with the dangling bunch of grapes as its inner vessel.

The clear glass bottles come in several different designs, all with 2 different corked spouts to release your vinegar & oil--or soy sauce & sriracha, or Jameson & Bailey's--separately. They look real nice on the table, and will probably earn you real nice words of appreciation if you gift one to someone who loves to cook. Or someone who loves to eat salad. Follow the link above to check out one batch of Fox Run's bottle designs, and click here to see a few more.

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