Potato Chip Cutter

Posted: April 24, 2013
Potato Chip Cutter
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The potatoes spilling out of this ribbon fry cutter look delicious. For $100 I would eat them raw. I might also eat them raw if I were sure no one was watching. Easy to load, easy to retract and reload, I know once I start spiraling out, frying up, and eating homemade potato chips it is unlikely I will ever buy a bag of Lay's again. It is also unlikely I will ever stop spiraling out, frying up, and eating homemade potato chips. Not until I end up like that guy from Se7en. You know, the glutton. The one the serial killer knocked off via force feeding him, which in turn led to intestinal eruption. Invariably, a potato chip cutter will deliver me the same fate. Damn you, crunchy things!

Nemco's spud slicer handles up to a 70-count potato, peeled or unpeeled, and surface-mounts for both righties and lefties.

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