Motherboard Chopping Board

Posted: November 25, 2019
Motherboard Chopping Board
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The kind of Motherboard Chopping Board I'd really like to have is one that makes all my food for me just like my mama. Cutting the ugly rough crusts off my sammiches. Slicing and coring my apples into perfect wedges and lining them up on a plate with a sprinkling of cinnamon. Trimming all the weird fat and those nasty rubbery tendon strands off my raw chicken breasts before breading and pan frying them into delightful white meat treats.

Sigh. But alas. The Motherboard Chopping Board is not a mother in the form of a cutting board, it's a cutting board in the form of a printed circuit board. Nowhere near as good, but perhaps a 5/10 if you need a gift for a geek who also likes to cook. Or hates cooking, but could use the 12" x 16" scratch-proof glass board as a tray and placemat for his Thai takeout.

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