Kitchen Squeegee & Countertop Brush

Posted: October 18, 2020
Kitchen Squeegee & Countertop Brush
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In thinking of what to tell you about this kitchen squeegee and countertop brush combo, I started thinking a lot about the word "squeegee." And then I started saying "squeegee" over and over again in my head. And you know what?

It sounded real nice. Squeegee, squeegee, squeegee. I feel so relaxed and at peace now. I think "squeegee" might be my new mantra word, the one I drape over my mind like a warm faux wolf fur blanket when stress and panic assault it, or when chaos explodes in front of me. Like that time I came home to find my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power, had invited my in-laws, my mama, and my high school geometry teacher she was trying to set my mama up with over for a dinner I knew nothing about.

No, She-Ra, you did not tell me 4 times! And it doesn't matter that it was Thanksgiving! And Mr. Lane? Mr. Lane?! You know taking a geometry test is the only thing besides forgetting my locker combination I have recurring nightmares about! Oh no, there goes my heart rate. Here comes the sweat. Squeegee, squeegee, squeegee...ahhhh. Much better.

Yeah, so this is a squeegee - and flip!, countertop brush - for your kitchen sink and counters. It's called the Reset Wet & Dry Sweep, and it's made by Kohler to dispense of wet messes with a single rubberized swipe, and brush crumbs and dirt into the garbage or sink with some quick sweeps of its bristles.

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