Frogmore 1-Step Shrimp Cleaner

Posted: July 20, 2018
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Boy, I say boy, if this Frogmore Legmore Shell-No-More shrimp cleaner do what it say it do, well, I'm gonna be happier than a pig in shrimp in cocktail sauce. When She-Ra: Princess of Power brings home shrimp for dinner, I always get stuck with the dirty work of peeling, deveining, and butterflying them, and out of those 3 tasks the only one I don't hate is not a single one of them.

Toadfish's Frogmore Shrimp Cleaner is a 3-in-1 tool that peels, deveins, and butterflies individual shrimp in a single step. The video, starting at Z, depicts the process best, but you basically slide the double-bladed tool underneath the shrimp shell along its back, head to tail. The top blade lifts the shell up, while the bottom one splits open the back and scrapes out the vein. Lift the Frogmore straight up to split the shell at its underside and pull the whole thing off in one tidy piece.

In theory. My sense is that every shrimp-shelling endeavor won't include shrimp with shells that remove as cleanly as those in the video. But even if the Frogmore cleaner can take care of the butterflying and nasty shrimp digestive tract removal I'd be satisfied with the purchase.

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