Flegg - Flip & Serve Egg Ring

Posted: September 29, 2023
Flegg - Flip & Serve Egg Ring
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I think the Flegg's functionality is very cool - it's an egg ring that allows the user to flip and serve fried eggs easy-peasy, with no broken yolks, no misplacements on the plate, and no unwanted encounters with the countertop or floor. However. As Dreamfarm is wont to do with their products, they have named the Flegg a portmanteau of the words encompassing what it is and does, in this case "flip" and "egg."

Or, what I think of when I see the word "Flegg," "flying" and "egg." And you know what a flying egg makes me think of? A balut. And a balut is the way the street food vendors in the Philippines and Vietnam say an egg with a partially formed chicken inside. And that is probably the grossest egg-related thing I can visualize alone, but to call it a delicacy and sell it to people to eat on park benches and public buses?

I'm going to have to go full-on 90s lady for the second time this week and say, "Ugh! Gag me with a spoon!"

Or a balut. Or, I suppose, a Flegg, since its silicone construction makes it flexible enough both to change the shape of the ring to release cooked eggs onto your plate, and to shove down my throat.

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