Egguins - Cook, Store & Serve Egg Holder

Posted: August 18, 2019
Egguins - Cook, Store & Serve Egg Holder
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Squee! your hearts out for the Egguins, ladies and kiddos...and dudes who are being honest. Peleg Design's egg holder uses the arms of penguins to cradle your delicate shells as their own bellies - so precious! - and then lower them gently into...hard boiling water that will surely cook the penguins along with the eggs. Huh. From precious to disturbing in 5 seconds or less.

Boiling penguins aside, the Egguins holder is an egg cooker, storer, and server that exhibits Peleg's trademark ingenuity in design. It really is equal parts functional and adorable, right up there with the OTOTO's Nessie family of kitchen utensils, and Spaghetti Monster Colander.

The Egguins colony is 6-strong, so you can boil and serve up to half a dozen eggs per dip. Made of plastic, the holder's handle is designed to stay cool even when the eggs and their Arctic hosts are getting hot enough to change states of matter. Egguins egg holder dimensions are 5.78" x 4.76" x 4.96".

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