Eggler Egg Cracker, Peeler & Slicer

Posted: September 04, 2023
Eggler Egg Cracker, Peeler & Slicer
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I'd dig it if the Eggler were a new McDonald's character who steals McMuffins, but I must say, I like it almost as much that the Eggler is actually a new 3-in-1 kitchen tool from Dreamfarm that cracks, peels, and slices hard boiled eggs. If it works - and let's be honest, all we all really care about is if the peeling paddle attachment truly makes de-shelling the egg as easy as disrobing a Cutie Clementine, as Dreamfarm suggests in its promo photos - my Roll-It Garlic Peeler better scoot a little closer to the Chef'n Cob Corn Stripper, and make some room for the Eggler in my food prep drawer.

The Eggler's yolky yellow body is made of polypropylene, a hard plastic that gives it the gusto to crack an egg with a swift tap. The peeler is a length of stainless steel bent into a paddle shape, and inserted underneath a "hood" molded into the Eggler body. Dreamfarm says this hood keeps the paddle "at the ideal depth as it glides under the membrane of the eggshell to separate the shell from the egg."

An integrated wire slicer, also stainless steel, completes the trio of offenses the Eggler can use to take down a hard boiled egg. Use the included interlocking base plate to stabilize your peeled egg, and prevent it from trying to escape during dismemberment.

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