Easy-Grip Right Angle Kitchen Knife

Posted: January 28, 2021
Easy-Grip Right Angle Kitchen Knife
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Even after reading this easy-grip right angle kitchen knife's description, I'm not exactly sure how it makes it easier for people with compromised hand function or weakness to cook me dinner, buy hey. Who am I to question the knife's maker, a UK design firm producing easy-grip and other daily living aid products for the injured and disabled?

And as long as I get my hot and delicious dinner, my understanding of how it got to my plate is really superfluous.

I joke, I joke.

The 90-degree bend between the blade and handle of the easy-grip kitchen knife is intended to easy strain on the wrist, allowing the cutter to hold the knife straight on, instead of bending or contorting at the joint, stretching tendons on the upper wrist, and compressing tissues on the lower wrist. This ergonomic grip is supported by a thick, cushy handle with non-slip coating.

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