Drawer Decor Organizer

Posted: October 18, 2011
Drawer Decor Organizer
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No more cluttered kitchen drawers, no more utensils that rattle and roll around, no more organizing your spatulas and banana slicers only to have them fall right back into disarray.

The DrawerDecor system is one big "F you!" to the laws of entropy. It's also like one of those infomercial products that you initially roll your eyes at, but then learn more about because you're drawn to the B-list stars, such as Laura Ingalls Wilder and Daisy Fuentes, on TV hawking it, at which point it starts to look kind of cool and useful, and then like something you need, and then, by the end of the 30-minute segment unendorsed by the airing network, like something you must have in both sky blue and tangerine.

Choose from five festive colors of DrawerDecor starter kits, and KMN Home will send you a silicon basemat that can be cut to fit your drawer, along with 15 divitz to arrange in the mat's grooves however you'd like. Anyone longing for an accompanying infomercial, or untrusting of their ability to figure things out, can watch the 2-minute how-to video above.

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