Dezin Electric Hot Pot & Saute Pan

Posted: March 28, 2023
Dezin Electric Hot Pot & Saute Pan
$45.99 - $49.99
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Out of Hot Pockets? HotPotIt, and enjoy a meal almost as easy with the Dezin Electric Hot Pot & Saute Pan. Without a stove in sight, you can heat up soup, fry an egg, cook a steak or chicken breast, boil some noodles, and then make the sauce you'll pour over the top of them. The combination hot pot and saute pan brings up to 600W of power to any kitchenette, office break room, dorm room, or bedside outlet you like.

The Dezin hot pot / saute pan combo has a nonstick lining for clean cooking and quick cleaning. This model, available in beige, green, pink, and purple, has a 1.5L capacity, and includes a lid, silicone spatula, and egg rack for hardboiling.

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