Dash Electric Butter Sprayer

Posted: October 19, 2022
Dash Electric Butter Sprayer
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Dash did not start the electric butter spraying phenomenon. That is, the phenomenon wherein one inserts an entire stick of cold butter into the shaft of a bottle, and a battery-operated heating coil melts it to mist-ability on demand. I believe Biem gets credit for doing that back in 2016.

But Biem, at least at printing, doesn't have any more instant stick butter sprayers to sell, and Dash does, and dudes. We are in the midst of scary-movie-with-buttered-popcorn season, with butter-kissed Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas morning buttered pancake seasons upon us, so while I'd rather support the OG inventor of an electric butter sprayer, in the absence of their having any electric butter sprayers for me to spray, I...I gotta Dash.

The Dash Electric Butter Sprayer is cordless and rechargeable, the latter done easily when the kitchen gadget is placed on its 50W charging base. Once you add the stick of butter to the unit's melting chamber, you can store it in the fridge for regular use; the battery melts butter in a couple of minutes, which is the same amount of time you'll need to charge the sprayer on the base.

In addition to an even and luscious butter spritz directly to your food, you can also use the Dash Electric Butter Sprayer to butter baking and cooking pans, or your fingers to lick off one by one.

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