Dalstrong Shadow Black Series Kitchen Knives

Posted: September 16, 2021
Dalstrong Shadow Black Series Kitchen Knives
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As if kitchen knives weren't intimidating enough on their own*, Dalstrong created their Shadow Black Series of kitchen knives. So now I can pair what they call a "menacing design" with the high probability that I will slice through my finger along with my damn roly-poly radishes, or cleave it off entirely when my wife asks me to break down a chicken.

And speaking of my wife asking me to break down a chicken, in what world does She-Ra: Princess of Power think this dude could successfully break down a chicken?! Or for that matter, interact with a chicken in any form but frozen nugget?

That said, since Halloween is on its way, I thought the Dalstrong Shadow Black Series might help some of you - the chefs, home cooks, people with basic knife skills - get in the spooky season spirit.

Dalstrong uses high-carbon German steel, 58+ HRC, in its full-tang Shadow Black blades, coating them in non-reflective titanium nitride to achieve both the jet black aesthetic, and improve robustness, resistance to corrosion, and nonstick properties. Over a dozen different knives comprise the Shadow Black Series, including the 10" Bull-Nose Butcher & Breaking Knife (above photo), the 9" BBQ Pitmaster & Meat Knife, an 8" chef & cleaver hybrid, a 5.5" utility knife, and a set of steak knives.

*Well, unless we're talking these Bird Knives, which fall more into the Adorable than the Intimidating category.

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