Chroma Type 301 Porsche-Designed 9-Piece Knife Set

Posted: October 05, 2022
Chroma Type 301 Porsche-Designed 9-Piece Knife Set
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OK, so it's just the handle F.A. Porsche designed for Chroma's Type 301 knife line, but still. Are these silver steel stunners not some of the sleekest and sexiest chef's knives you've ever seen? And I hear they can help you go from 0 to 60 chopped onions in 2.2 seconds flat, and break down between 182 and 198 chickens per hour!

Chroma Type 301 kitchen knives have hand-sharpened Japanese 301 steel blades extending seamlessly into flat-topped 10/10 stainless steel handles. I have to admit, Porsche, the handle looks a little cagey to me in terms of grip and control, but Chroma assures me it "offers excellent leverage." A metal pearl driven through each knife indicates the end of its handle so you know where you're supposed to hold it, but probably won't, just like you won't make "the claw" with your opposite hand while chopping to protect your fingers. I do it my way! And if my way results in blood, then...enjoy some extra iron in your dinner tonight, kids!

The Chroma Type 301 Porsche-Designed 9-Piece Knife Set comes with the following knives:

  • P01 Chef's Knife
  • P02 Japanese Chef's Knife
  • P04 Small Chef's Knife
  • P05 Carving Knife
  • P06 Bread Knife
  • P07 Filleting Knife
  • P09 Paring Knife
  • P10 Tomato Knife
  • P19 Utility Knife

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