Capsule Countertop Dishwasher

Posted: May 16, 2021
$400 - $449
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Small, feisty, green, and Scottish. Nope, it's not a Baby Nessie, it's a dishwasher. The Capsule from Loch Electronics is a personal countertop dishwasher made for tight spaces and smaller households. It also has 3-in-1 functionality, serving as a UV light disinfection chamber and fruit and vegetable washer in addition to a dishwasher. And the green and Scottish?

Capsule was conceived and built on Loch Electronics' "Scottish spirit" and "love for sustainability."

The Capsule requires a footprint of around 15" x 20" on your countertop. Most of that is covered by its washing chamber, with an adjacent 3L water tank that feeds its cycles making up the rest. The Capsule interior is configured to hold about 2 meals' worth of dishes, including larger items, and wash cycles take just 15 minutes.

Capsule Dishwashers are plug-and-go, and work with and without plumbing. That means at the end of a cycle you have the option of routing its drainpipe into a sink to empty instead of connecting it into your home's pipes. It also makes the dishwasher portable for use in cabins, campers, and RVs.

You can use Capsule's other 2 modes, the UV light cabinet and produce cleaner, to disinfect items such as phones, keys, baby items, and other essentials, and of course to wash your fruits and vegetables. Capsule seeks crowdfunding here on Kickstarter through June 15, 2021.

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