Breville 3X Bluicer - Blender & Juicer in One

Posted: July 04, 2022
Breville 3X Bluicer - Blender & Juicer in One
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I hope the Breville 3X Bluicer is as fun to use as the word "Bluicer" is to say. Over and over again in my head, as if it's a whisper from the gods that I should name my firstborn Bluicer, or buy a blender and juicer in one from Breville. And since I'm definitely not having kids...Brevill 3X Bluicer blender and juice in one it is.

The 3X Bluicer features a 3.5" wide chute, Cold Spin Technology, 4 x one-touch programs, and 5 speed settings. In juicer mode, you can feed fruits and vegetables into the chute, and extract fresh juice straight into the 50oz blender jug via a funnel from the juicing jug that inserts into an opening at the top. From there, enjoy your juice on its own, or make a smoothie or cocktail - some bluice - with your fresh-squeezed juice already awaiting solid add-ins in the blender container.

Solid leftovers from juicing go into a pulp bin fitted behind the 3X Bluicer base. Cold Spin Technology allows you to juice without increasing your end product's temperature by any more than 1.8 degrees F. The Bluicer's Kinetix bowl and blade system also enable the blend portion of the appliance to provide some food processing tasks, such as crushing and chopping ice, turning it to snow, and folding and aerating to make smoothies and soups creamier. A great kitchen gift for the avid blender, juicer, and soon-to-be converted Bluicer in your life.

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