BaouRouge Precision Slicing Knife

Posted: March 04, 2020
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I'll give the BaouRouge Precision Slicing Knife credit for at least one thing: it had no problem convincing me to watch all 1 minute 43 seconds of its promotional video. This slicing knife slices soft, doughy bread! It slices hard, dry sausages! It slices cured ham, tomatoes, medium-rare beef! It slices all that fall within its straight steel serrated blade's and aluminum guide's paths. And, if the BaouRouge is legit, it slices them all to your precise desired, and the exact same thickness.

At least if you're right-handed. Left-handed chefs and cooks are SOBaouRougeL.

The BaouRouge Precision Slicing Knife honed its craft on Kickstarter. The OCD cutters behind it were attempting to recreate a French knife, the 1968 DUX slicing knife, for a fraction of the cost. They say their version replicates all the features of its inspiration, except with a more ergonomic black ABS handle.

The titanium-coated aluminum guide that allows BaouRouge to slice evenly is adjustable in widths of "1-16 mm (3/64" to 0.62")." I quoted that because I'm so impressed BaouRouge was not only able to switch between metric and standard measurements, but also use pretty much every acceptable mathematical symbol to express them in the span of, like, 20 characters.

BaouRouge Precision Slicing Knife blades are 8-1/4" long and, again, the kitchen gift is made specifically for right-handed users, with no leftie version available at printing.

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