BALMUDA The Brew Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker

Posted: May 31, 2023
BALMUDA The Brew Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker
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BALMUDA The Brew, an automatic pour over coffee maker, is Japanese design and manufacturing firm BALMUDA's latest design-y and design-award-winning appliance design. Think it's more design over substance?

Possibly. If nothing else, it's got to be more cost over value, though early reviews of The Brew are that it makes an excellent cup of coffee, so if an excellent cup of coffee is what you think is best in life, Conan, springing for BALMUDA's take on the coffee maker could be worth it. Those who live for toast and sound seem to have no regrets about buying BALMUDA The Toaster and BALMUDA The Speaker.

BALMUDA The Brew, "like a barista," makes just one drink at a time "to deliver the optimal taste." BALMUDA says the aroma and aftertaste of their pour overs are pretty much perfect too, thanks to precise temperature control, drips dropping at balls-on accurate intervals, and in 0.2mL increments, and bypass pouring.

That last trait, bypass pouring, is a new concept The Brew employs. It detects the point at which the best flavors have been extracted from the beans, and then instead of continuing to pour water into the dripper, adds a finishing water to a second spout to regulate the condensed components and final brewed temperature. Supposedly, bypass pouring enhances the strength of the coffee flavor, and gives it a clear aftertaste.

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