Bacon Sponge

Posted: April 13, 2020
Bacon Sponge
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Paper towels now too precious to waste on your bacon grease? Bacon Sponge that pork fat up with this reusable "unpaper towel" from Green City Living. Sewn up nice with quilted polyester microfiber and organic cotton, the Bacon Sponge absorbs grease post-cooking, and then cleans up like new in the sink and laundry.

After your strips of pig candy are sizzled to your liking, pile them up on the Bacon Sponge's cotton side and let the drippin's disperse and disappear into the thick cloth's woven layers. Once you've consumed your bacon, place the empty Bacon Sponge in your sink or a bowl with warm or hot water and a degreaser soap. Let it sit 15 to 20 minutes, and then launder with the rest of your towels as usual. (I'm not sure if a potential bonus of this last step will be to imbue the rest of your towels with that delightful bacon grease aroma, but you might want to test the process out with some rags first.)

And once you've Bacon Sponged up the excess grease from the bacon itself, what should you do with the bacon grease leftover in your skillet? Oink, oink! Snouted Bacon Bin to the rescue.

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