Bacon Grease Storage Container

Posted: October 11, 2018
Bacon Grease Storage Container
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Hate to waste all that bacon grease after cooking up a slab of thick-cut applewood smoked strips. That's good stuff. It really beefs (porks?) up my fried eggs. And my chicken & waffles smoothies. But when there's too much sediment, too many burnt bits floating around to make it desirable for reuse, I could use a container like this one - sturdy, heat-proof, and topped with a fine mesh strainer to make my bacon grease pure again.

The filtering storage container isn't just for bacon grease either. You can use it to strain and keep any type of cooking oil, such as your deep-fat-frying favorite, or just use it as a safe place to store any remnant oil you don't want to dump down the drain for trashing once it gets full.

The bacon grease container and its drip-catching coaster tray are made of wrought iron, with a nonstick interior / exterior coating for easy cleaning, and to prevent rusting. The strainer is made of stainless steel, and the handle Bakelite.

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