Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser

Posted: October 07, 2019
Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser
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Today there are quite a few things we can make happen with the wave of the hand, a flick of the wrist. Motion-detection lights, gesture-controlled camera shutters, and, maybe less impressive, but just as useful, automatic paper towel dispensers. Innovia's countertop paper towel holder and motion-activated feeder isn't super high-tech, and certainly isn't new or smart tech, but it is tech I'll bet not many people have, but that everyone could appreciate.

How often do you reach to tear off a paper towel from the roll after your fingers are already covered in raw chicken / Cheetos dust / rib sauce? My first attempt is always to try the Quick Rip method - one soiled set of fingers on the PT I want, a downward snatch! motion, and a silent prayer that the laws of motion, force, and perforation align to release it from its hold. This works about 50% of the time. 10% of the time for my friend Cornelius.

And if Quick Rip doesn't work, and you end up with 4 paper towels now unfurled from but still attached to the roll, you either have to use an arm or a tooth to hold on to the one you don't want and both dirty hands to get the one you do, or put a dirty hand on top of the roll, thereby soiling who knows how many more. Which you'll be like Aw, whatever about, right until your wife comes home and gets ticked that you've ruined another roll of her fancy Vivas.

The Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser provides not just one-handed, but hands-free access to all paper towels at all times. And if you accidentally touch part of the holder, no sweat there either, since the roll is fully contained inside.

The kitchen is the PT dispenser's obvious location, but if you're looking for a gift for Dad, it could also come in (greasy) handy in a garage or workshop, as well as in the office break room.

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