Al Dente Spaghetti Tester & Steam Releaser

Posted: August 17, 2020
Al Dente Spaghetti Tester & Steam Releaser
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Al Dente is an old Italian fisherman who fears neither noodle nor fishin' hole. Even when the former is 4 times his size, and the latter is filled with water bubbling at 212 degrees F. Nope, Al Dente is ready to sit on the dock of this boiling bay all day to catch you the big one...though he'll probably just have to cast his line and wait it out 8 to 12 minutes to get a spaghetti bite that reels in the perfect bit of firmness along with its chew.

Another clever kitchen companion from OTOTO, the Al Dente Spaghetti Tester & Steam Releaser hangs onto a single raw noodle during pasta boiling so you can easily grab it to taste for doneness. And when your Al Dente angler catches you the perfect al dente noodle, you can transfer the whole pot of them to OTOTO's Spaghetti Monster Colander for draining and safekeeping until it's time to sauce them up.

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