Air Removing Bag Clip

Posted: February 10, 2023
Air Removing Bag Clip
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Here's an Air Removing Bag Clip for all the chips you'll have leftover Sunday night after the Super Bowl. It will give them back their factory fresh seal until, well, in all probability, the next morning when you eat them with the leftover guac, queso, and spinach artichoke dip for breakfast.

In addition to the horizontal jaws and latch common to most bag clips, Jokari Air Removing Bag Clips also have a short straw that inserts inside the bag opening before you clip it shut. With the straw in place, fold down the corners of the bag, and snap the jaws together. Then squeeze your chips, crackers, or cookies like they're a Buttress Pillow to send any air buildup inside back out, and you'll have yourself a renewed seal, and perfectly maintained crispness (or chewiness) inside.

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