Viking Hammock

Posted: May 05, 2013
Viking Hammock
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The Viking Hammock is one of many pieces of furniture Norse gods and warriors use to bed their wenches. They manage pretty well with it because the Scandinavians are a seafaring people and therefore not prone to motion sickness. What, you didn't know that's an issue for the landlocked? Like, you've never had someone experience a non-alcohol-related attack of nausea on you mid-coitus? Dude. It happens a lot on water beds and items that sway, such as hammocks and circa 1978 mattress frames, and trust me, it is the medical definition of the term "mood killer." So all I'm saying is, non-viking buyers beware.

Jim Zivic's steel-based hammock is fitted with a leather link slink, metal mesh and felt upholstered head and foot boards, a brown royce suede upholstered cushion, 2 shearling pillows, and a shearling throw. It mounts to the ceiling via 4 sturdy, braided steel chains, which pretty much seal the hammock's supremacy in the areas of badness and radness.

Oh yeah, the other reason Zivic's fur and leather swinging sleeper is viking-designated is that to get one you must have either $33,000 or the tenacity and brute strength to pillage it from Ralph Pucci International's showroom.

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