The Casper Hug & Bounce Mattress

Posted: April 25, 2014
The Casper Sink & Bounce Mattress
$500 - $950
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Casper believes the main selling point of their mattress is its ability to both hug and contour and resist and bounce, thereby making sex on top of it 1,000 times better. At least that's the outcome I'm hoping for. Better sleep, cooling properties, surprisingly affordable price points--those are all alright too I guess.

Dubbed a"luxurious marriage of latex and memory foam," Casper mattress memory foam conforms to the bodies it hugs with minimal sinkage, relieving pressure from hip and shoulder areas, and promoting a state early testers have described as "cloud-like". The mattresses' top layer, a 1-1/2" pad of high-performance, sleep-specific latex foam, complements the memory foam's contouring with a slight bounce. That is, unlike other beds constructed entirely of memory foam, Casper mattresses retain some spring so that those sleeping on top of them don't feel stuck inside them. The company notes that this feature also "provides a helping hand to indoor sports." See. Sex: 1,000 times better.

Casper mattresses are all hand-sewn together in South Carolina and Illinois, with materials from the US and Belgium. The company offers a 40-day trial period with optional full-refund for those willing to give their beds a shot. Sizes run from Twin to California King.

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