Sobro Cooler Coffee Table

Posted: October 22, 2017
Sobro Cooler Coffee Table
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From Coolest Cooler to cooler coffee table. And like its portable predecessor, Sobro has plenty of gadgety bells (dual speakers on the sides) and whistles (tabletop touch controls for all built-in systems) to complement its central refrigerator door.

The Sobro's cooler drawer keeps food and, more importantly, tasty beverages within easy reach. And rather than bags of ice, the table uses a compressor to ensure continuous, even, ice cold cooling of wine and beer. Touch temperature controls allow you to set the fridge at your precise preferred degrees Fahrenheit.

Along with the sound system, which you can connect to play TV audio with a smart TV or included Bluetooth dongle, the Sobro has LED underlighting to create ambience during parties, movies, or nights of Netflix with a side of chill.

Capping off the Sobro's implements of mass relaxation are a set of charging ports and a pair of 110v outlets on the side of the table, and two storage drawers to stash your cables and controls. Here's a GIF of the Sobro from above.

Also like the Coolest Cooler, the Sobro cooler coffee table enjoyed a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign. Its makers continue to sell discounted pre-orders via IndieGoGo, and at printing, it looked like the first couple batches of Sobros were going to reach their pledgers this month.

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