Shark Bite Surfboard Desk

Posted: June 10, 2021
Shark Bite Surfboard Desk
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Ride the WFH wave or take a bite out of your study session with this Shark Bite Surfboard Desk from Lunar Lounge Design. Inspired by 50s and 60s longboards, and one particular 70s movie about the biggest, baddest great white, the desk is made to add some humor and life (or, uh, lack thereof) to your office, home office, or - if you're so lucky - beachfront condo.

The Shark Bite Surfboard Desk shown here is finished in yellow and white automotive paint, topped with 4 layers of clear coat to achieve its high gloss and a protective finish. Lunar Lounge can also make the desk in custom colors and design variations.

The surfboard desktop is hand fabricated from 5/8" MDF board, and arrives packed flat. The Shark Bite Surfboard Desk pictured measures 29" tall x 63" long x 23" wide.

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