Scorpion Chair

Posted: July 08, 2018
Scorpion Chair
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Ah, just the Scorpion Chair I've been looking for. Elegant. Subtle. A real complement to my Death Stalker scorpion blade arm gauntlet. And, dude. It's really gonna tie the room together. I can already see myself sitting beneath the spherical tip of the scorpion's curved oak tail on a stormy night, glass of scotch in one hand, gauntleted arm stroking my cat Zanzibar with the other.

What do you think: Scorpion Chair; Villain Chair; or Emperor Throne Chair?

Maybe one of each for the Evil Mastermind Symposium.

Vyacheslav Pakhomov, woodcarver and sculptor, is responsible for the formidable arachnid you see here. He makes the Scorpion Chairs from oak or beech wood, and lines the creature's seat and segmented tail backrest with leather padding.

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