Pipersong Meditation Desk Chair

Posted: April 16, 2022
Pipersong Meditation Desk Chair
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The Pipersong Meditation Desk Chair is for stick-still zen yogis and ants-in-their pants fidgety sitters alike. The goal of the WFH and office solution is to "activate your sit." That is, give you an opportunity to move around and shift into multiple seated, squatted, and kneeling positions according to your comfort and / or antsiness level, without swapping between multiple chairs or other pieces of furniture.

In addition to adding some variety to your workday, the Pipersong Meditation Desk Chair's position possibilities can help you increase blood flow and prevent muscle stiffness by switching it up throughout the day, as well as stretch various parts of your body, depending on which position you choose. For example, cross-legged sitting helps open the hips and stretch the ankles and knees. Squat-sitting extends the lumbar spine and stretches muscles in the low-back.

Pipersong Meditation Desk Chair include:

  • A footstool with a 360-degree swivel, so you can incorporate it into your current sitting position or not.
  • A backrest with a crescent-shaped contour (same as that on the footstool) and 120-degree lumbar support.
  • A seat cushion padded with 3.7" thick foam, atop a seat post adjustable from 19.7" to 23.7".

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