Industrial Storage Dresser

Posted: February 15, 2022
Industrial Storage Dresser
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This Industrial Storage Dresser looks great! Like an old file cabinet or set of apothecary drawers. And, also like an old file cabinet or set of apothecary drawers, each drawer in the Industrial Storage Dresser looks about big enough to hold 4 pairs of socks, a 6-pack of undershirts or boxer briefs, or a single sweater or pair of jeans.

Why do I need 15 powder-coated drawers that will require me to open every single one of them to find where I put my favorite hoodie? (Without, that is, having to ask my mama to handwrite labels to slide into the holding slots in each drawer's bottom corner.) Why not 6, or even 8, larger drawers that store more items, and allow me to keep all my major clothing categories together?

Maybe the Industrial Storage Dresser would make more sense in an office or workshop, somewhere you need a lot of different, smaller spaces to store supplies and tools, and somewhere it wouldn't look odd to label the contents of your drawers.

Available with black or white drawers, the Industrial Storage Dresser is made of iron with a wood top. It measures 36.2" long x 12.6" deep x 39.9" tall. Drawers are 11.5" long x 9.5" deep x 5" tall.

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