HiBed Italian Smart Bed

Posted: September 29, 2019
HiBed Italian Smart Bed

HiBed. How's it going? Now that I've climbed into your 4-poster pen, started dinking around with your 4K projector with surround sound speaker system and retractable 70" screen, your built-in ambient and path lighting, your integrated alarm and notification system, and your add-on lap desk, I don't think I'll be leaving the comfort of your canopy for a while. So again, HiBed. I hope everything's good with you. Because we're about to get to know each other reeeallll well.

Intimate contact, carnal knowledge, Neflix marathons and pizza in bed - you're into all those things, right?

The HiBed is a smart bed from the same Italian design firm that brought us the HiCan bed several years ago. In fact, the HiBed is a forthcoming second generation of the original model, the latter of which is still available for the same bargain price of $55,000 or so.

The HiBed is the handi-horizontal-work of Italian architect and designer Fabio Vinella. He kept the basic look of the HiBed is his updated design, but made 2.0 a lighter and more customizable version. A built-in app operates all of A/V and tech features I mentioned coveting above, along with the HiBed's additional abilities to track sleep and body weight, and monitor room temperature, air quality, and noise levels.

At printing, Hi-Interiors had not paired a price with the HiBed, nor is there official indication of a release date. But you can bet your butt (the one currently daydreaming about lounging like a pimp in a HiBed) it's going to run at least several grand more than the HiCan. Those who want to know more can sign up for the HiBed waitlist on the Hi-Interiors website.

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