Giant Fluffy Floor Cushion

Posted: July 13, 2023
Giant Fluffy Floor Cushion
$206.10 - $428.92
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I will take one Giant Fluffy Floor Cushion, please. Plus everything else in that hygge-lookin' room with it. Including, probably, the walls and house the room sits inside. Oh, but not the lady in the Christmas PJs lying on top of the Giant Fluffy Floor Cushion. I mean, she's hot and all, but despite the 78.7" Giant Fluffy Floor Cushion looking large enough to hold all 3 of us, my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power, would not approve.

Made by Aneta of Blue Brush Gits, this shaggy disc of a pillow comforts and cozies up to all in a variety of colors, as well as sizes ranging from Bigger Than Your Average Floor Cushion, to Plufl Dog Bed for Humans, to Frikkin' Huge. The cushions are filled with silicone balls, and Aneta notes their exteriors are made of "shaggy" and "fluffy," which aren't textiles per se, but do describe the product better, and make me want to buy it more than actual material names like "rayon," "polyester," and "synthetic fiber."

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