Fusiontables - Dining/Pool Tables

Posted: August 18, 2014
Fusiontables - Dining/Pool Tables

Game and grub. Grub and game. Thanks to Fusiontables, your mechanism for doing so is now one in the same. Designers and engineers at Belgian company Saluc have created these hybrid pool-dining tables to conserve space, appease billiards fans with eyes for contemporary furniture, and generally make usable structures that're swell.

Eschewing the somber, chunky wood look of traditional pool tables, Fusiontables combine clean, modern lines with convertible technology and regulation accuracy. And also dinner. According to Saluc, a Fusiontable is a "dining/pool table the pool player's wife [can] live with."

To accommodate the difference in preferred dining height and playing height, Fusiontables have a spring-assisted Easy Lift system that raises them 3" (from 29-1/2" to 32-1/2"). The system also has an auto-lock, auto-level feature. To support billiard table components without sacrificing the tables' 4-1/2" thick profile, a specialized pocket system is also in place, consisting of a strong, elasticized nylon net that sits completely flat when not in use, but is able to hold all pocketed balls during play. A metallic sliding system covers it to store the balls in the pockets without deforming them once the game is over.

Fusiontables are CNC-machined and hand-varnished in the Saluc factory in Belgium. Materials include powder coated steel, veneered wood, MDF, varnish, and lacquer. Tables are currently available in Brushed Stainless Steel, Grey Powder Coated, White Powder Coated, and Black Powder Coated styles.

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