Floating Tablecloth

Posted: October 18, 2012
Floating Tablecloth
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It seems that until the rest of us figure out how to consistently conquer and defy gravity like David Blaine, floating objects will enjoy a comfortable niche in the market of cool crap. Floating mugs, floating lamps, and here, a floating tablecloth. Though maybe technically less impressive for not manipulating magnetic fields to achieve its levitating effect like the Crealev lamp, the floating tablecloth does expertly melt and mold acrylic glass into this sculptural feat--and elegant, working bistro table--for some double take making aesthetics.

Danish designer John Brauer created the floating tablecloth design, each representation of which is unique and handmade in Germany from 3mm thick thermoplastic acrylic. Once heated, the acrylic disk is laid over a round pedestal just over 11" in diameter to lengthen its ends. Folds are then individually formed, with four corners shaped into the table's feet. As the glass dries, it solidifies into a state of thrilling deception capable of supporting up to 55 pounds of book, remote, and takeout weight.

Pro Idee Concept Store carries the optical illusion side tables in Ice (opaque white) and Transparent, though a Google search shows that tables in red and gold also seem to be, er, floating around out there. The tables weigh 6.6 pounds and measure 17-7/10" high x 12-1/5" in diameter.

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