BloomingTables Living Furniture

Posted: February 07, 2021
BloomingTables Living Furniture
$229 - $349
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Small Business Shoutout: BloomingTables Living Furniture. Based out of San Diego, BloomingTables designs coffee, console, and side tables, plus desks eager to "bring the beauty of the outdoors - indoors." Their simple glass-topped pine wood frames are plenty suitable for displaying your fine books, propping up your laptops, and holding your beers. But they're also ready to give life as a succulent terrarium. A microgreens garden. A vine jungle. A cactus forest.

BloomingTables basins are lined with a waterproof acrylic tub to prevent leaks, messes, and damage to the furniture itself. The bottom of the tables and desk are also fitted with a twist-to-open drain to valve to protect against over watering. Once you've fed your furniture plants, wait a few minutes for excess water to collect, and then open the valve to remove it.

At printing, BloomingTables shipped as just the tables (though they may include options to purchase plant kits along with the furniture in the future.) That means you'll add your own soil and choose the plants and style you want to cultivate in your living furniture. Planting and watering is facilitated by the removable glass top, held down by suction cups for a solid seal, but easy lift-off.

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